Renaissance (new) RS6 Custom

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#10-2951, with Renaissance zipper gig bag.

Renaissance has sent us something that’s considerably off the beaten path.   It is a Custom Order RS6 (Renaissance Steel String 6-string) in mildly figured Hawaiian Koa back, sides and headstock overlay, with a top of one of the finest woods that a guitar can be made from:   Adirondack “Red” Spruce.   The top is double bound and so is the headstock.   You have twin side bindings of tortoise shell celluloid and then you have, adjacent, a top purfling made up of a continuous alternating pattern of maple, then black, then brown – a mosaic of parallelograms!   And of course the same decoration extends around the spear-point headstock.  This guitar is blessed with gloss finish on the body and the headstock, but, for unlimited speed, the back of the neck is satin.  


It is factory-equipped with Rick Turner’s famous Timberline brand 18-volt preamp/pickup combination!   Each of the two large ebony knobs on the upper bass side have eleven (no, not Evelyn) detent positions, which means that it’s Active EQ.  The sound that emanates from a Renaissance is one of the most high fidelity, all powerful, all-knowing, of any sounds you have ever heard coming from a creature of the six-string persuasion.   Since you asked, the nut width is 1 23/32nds and the bridge string spacing is 2 1/16th”.    You get the 9 ¼” long “Medieval” style carved rosewood bridge that looks like it belongs in a European monastery from the fifth century to the 15th century.  The fretboard is a colorful rosewood with a good deal of grain and decidedly ruddy highlights; the strings load through ferrules on the back so you won’t have to worry about losing a bridge pin; the neck is secured by four stout bolts, one of which doubles as a strap pin.   This is a light-weight and thin-bodied guitar (measuring only 1.5” in depth) that won’t tire you out to stand there, bathed in all the credit.  It will energize your audience, and playing it will allow you, just like the golden male lion (Mr. Panthera Leo) facing westward within a circle on the headstock, to extend your tongue (and wiggle it) in the direction of other users who are stuck with conventional performance tools.    Come visit; try it; and thou shalt be converted. 

Our Discount Price is $3,000.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $2,911.00.

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