Renaissance (new) RS6-SP Special

Tag No 58-9864 New

#10-2968, Steel string all satin finish, mahogany body and gig bag.

The Studio Special series is a simpler version of the famous Renaissance RS-6 Studio Standard.  The difference is that the finish on the Special is all matte on top, sides, back, neck and headstock.   Its thinline body is built like a fine acoustic guitar, but with an added mahogany center block to cut feedback. A Turner piezo bridge pickup feeds full-spectrum signals to an 18-volt D-TAR pre-amp and this is coupled to twin 11-position (detent) wooden rotary knobs in the upper bass side bout.  It proffers a fully accessible unbound neck with 15 frets to the body joint and 24 frets total (two full octaves).  The fingerboard measures 1 11/16th” at the nut and the string spacing is 2 1/16th” at the bridge saddle.   The headstock comes to the traditional Renaissance style point at top center and there under is their easily recognizable logo in decal of an insolent male lion sticking its tongue out like Gene Simmons.   Below that is a matching pointed top truss rod cover, made of textured plastic (nice touch) held in place by just one screw.  Tuners are unsigned Kluson replicas with small oval buttons; the back of the headstock is hand-signed in silver marker by Rick Turner, himself.  The back of the neck is low profile and extremely comfortable to the hand; there are colorful pearl dotmarkers on the front of the East Indian rosewood fingerboard, and corresponding small dots on the side.  The rosewood bridge on a Renaissance is 9 1/3” in length, and clearly 14th to 16th century style having twin sword points, and a pearl inlaid rosewood dot on each side.  This guitar produces enough volume when played acoustically to practice with; but plugged in it will compete with any 23 pound electric guitar in your stable of professional performance paraphernalia.


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