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  1. Fender ® (new) Acoustasonic 150 Acoustic Amplifier This item is NOW ON SALE!

    Fender ® (new) Acoustasonic 150 Acoustic Amplifier Now on Sale!

    Tag No 39-1831 New
    #ICTI11010387, The new Fender Acoustasonic™ 150 is perfect for the player who needs a light, loud, versatile and flexible amp loaded with tonal innovations and useful features.

    The Acoustasonic 150 packs full acoustic resonance and crystal clarity into a lightweight (only 22.5 lbs.) amp with a new ultra-efficient 150-watt (2x75) stereo power amp, dual 8” foam-surround low-frequency drivers and high-frequency tweeter. Its new Voicing control lets any guitar simulate the tonality of parlor, dreadnought and jumbo acoustics, or Voicing can be turned off for pure amp output response. For acoustic players who double on electric guitar, the Voicing control also has Blackface, tweed and British amp settings, which makes a second amp just for electric guitar unnecessary.

    The Fender List Price is $699.99
    Less Normal Sale ($200)

    Our Price is $449.99.
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