Smallman (used, 2001) Classical Guitar

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#ISI2134, made by hand in Australia; no serial number is evident, we call it ISI-2134. It is in excellent plus condition with original Pegasus hard shell case, which case was made in Scotland.

Greg Smallman works with his sons, Damon and Kym.  His guitars are considered to be one of the best classical guitars in the world - second to none.   This example  is in excellent plus condition, better than simply "excellent."  It was played but well taken care of.     Its tuners are extremely high quality, open-gear, gold-plated with floral etching on the plates, and with pearloid large buttons.  The fingerboard appears to be striped ebony, though it may actually be some other wood; the top is American Western Cedar and matte finish while the back and sides are an extremely beautiful wood with a great deal of swirly grain. 

Since you asked, this guitar shows at least a half a dozen small top dings, some other dings here and there on its surfaces, and a number of "drop outs" where "holes" in the original finish occurred.  There is a scrape on the upper treble side of the center indent on the headstock, an area on the back of the headstock, bass side, that appears to be the location of a prior sticker; some nicks on the back edge of the top of the glossy finished headstock, at the indent, some minor surface scratches here and there and there may be other small signs of wear as well. 


Smallman guitars are heavy.  This is because the back is multi-layered (and arched) on the dorsal side.  In addition the top is braced with multiple X-shaped buttresses and, in addition, he puts inside the top a ring of composite material (graphite based).   One might think that a guitar that is as heavy as this one would not produce much sound, but the sound of this instrument is solid, stentorian, Brobdingnagian, full of presence, punch and precision of tone and in every way exquisite.  


The back is perfectly symmetrical with two elongated horizontal "Xs" on the top and bottom of the back and a "feather" image at the center.  The soundhole rosette is nearly an inch in width and made up of an infinite, entwined, double braid surrounded on each side by multicolor purfling.  The bridge saddle is scalloped; the nut is yellowed bone and the bridge saddle is whiter in color but probably bone.  Body bindings appear to be rosewood; there are two lines of purfling around top, sides and back - black and cream.   A rosewood armrest is permanently built into the top, hovering above the face on the lower bass bout.  It has a barrel shaped neck heel, and no end graft.  The fingerboard is neo-classical (no markers) and also there are no side dots.  You are, in the most existential sense, completely on your own (classical players like this).    


Flip Van Domburg Scipio, during a period of aestivation, performed a refret on this guitar in March, 2013.   The owner writes:  “The builder now works with his children.  There are no other apprentices (that we know of.)   Starting around the year 2000 all his guitars are labeled as "Smallman & Sons."  I believe that the woods used on the back, sides and fretboard are all native Australianl; this Smallman guitar has an adjustable truss rod.”


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