Stelling (new) Bill Emerson Red Fox Deluxe

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#6400, a gold-plated fancy bluegrass banjo, with hard shell plush lined case.

The Stelling Red Fox comes in two versions.  Both were inspired by master banjoist Bill Emerson, a founding member of the legendary bluegrass group, The Country Gentlemen.  Per the maker, the Red Fox has outsold other models at Stelling Banjo Works, in the halcyon hills of Afton, VA.  Both versions of the Red Fox have universal appeal and received intergalactic acceptance as a classic banjo design. The fancy curly maple used in the standard R.F. model is enhanced by the reddish stain. The extremely realistic Red Fox in the peghead (you can actually hear it purr) and the abalone maple leaves in the fingerboard help to make this a very striking model, indeed.    The standard Red Fox (Our number 58-9740) has nickel plating and a list price of $4750.   And then you have this baby:

The Bill Emerson Red Fox Deluxe, #6400, on the other hand, is fancy beyond all get-out, whatever that means.  It is bead-blasted, engraved, and stained in a shaded sunburst. Its wood is shaded Curly Maple and its plating is matte gold with special engraving.  All Stelling models, including this one, are now made with the Tony Pass 600TS “Old Wood” Rim and are housed in a deluxe TKL emerald green hard shell case with crushed velvet plush lining.   A new Bill Emerson Red Fox Deluxe presently has a list price of $8083 and when the time comes that we will need to replace the one we have your price will be $6,250 or, at our Cash Discount Price, $6,062.    It comes as a great surprise, then, that nobody has jumped on the notion that the Stelling Red Fox Deluxe that we presently have, which is “new old stock” – since we purchased it from Stelling in October 2007 and it remains in new condition – is only $4871 or, at our Cash Discount Price, $4725.  Wow – that’s $1337 less than the price of the next one we order from Stelling!     You save 28%!    Hey, all you banjo players where ever you roam – this is an opportunity that won't come again.   

Our Discount Price is $4,871.00 and Our Cash Discount Price is $4,725.00.

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