Taylor (used, 2000) 914c Acoustic Electric Guitar

Tag No 32-4253 Used

#20000426142, with added LR Baggs pickup, in “excellent” condition, with the original hard shell case.

This mastah-level model presents with the fancy fauna folded into its bound ebony fingerboard.  The sight of the finish against the wide abalone top and soundhole border – the “banjo style” fingerboard, headstock and bridge inlays; the sleek lines of its Grand Auditorium body accentuating a softly-rounded Venetian cutaway, all complement the 914ce's shimmering visual appointments and sonic resplendence.

On the bottom of the guitar, adjacent to the jack there is a finish bubble that was caused by someone tightening the jack too tightly.  Our repair shop is going to inject glue into the bubble to minimize the appearance of said bubble.  Other than that, if somebody had wonderful eyesight they might find a few tiny dings here and there, but it's really clean for a 15 year old guitar. 

The important thing is that it sounds utterly incredible and it plays inordinately easily – your fingers become an infinitely fast Mag-Lev train hovering just above the fingerboard, taking you in new musical directions like a Ouija Board with a mind of its own. With only this guitar, a medium rare steak dinner with capers, sweet peppers, truffles and at least two other subterranean fungi, a walk on the moonlit beach, a 1927 bottle of Chateau Lafitte, a romantic conversation, and paying 75 cents at a gas station to inflate your anatomically correct companion, life will truly be sublime. I have said (out loud) that the first person who comes in and plays this guitar will probably buy it. It’s that’s good.

Our Price is $2,999.00.

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