Weber (used, 2009) Yellowstone mandolin

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#9226702, carved top oval-hole in the Custom Vintage A version, in excellent plus condition with original gray Weber form fitting hard shell plush lined case.


The reason this mandolin is called Custom Vintage is because it has some upgraded features.  Immediately one sees (like a shining beacon) its  “The Weber” headstock inlay with the large and flowery (well, it is a flower pot, after all) urn with the fern and below that the matte finish, shapely truss rod cover held in place by two nickel-plated Phillips head screws.  The tuners are engraved plate with pearloid buttons and a recessed nickel Phillips head screw at the end of each button.  Said ‘stock is bordered in a slim ring of white purfling and then tortoise shell outermost, and so is each of the sides.  The oval (or D-shape) soundhole is bound in tortoise shell and then, around 3/8” away, by a ring of black, then rope marquetry, then black.   The bridge is a Brekke adjustable; the nickel-plated tailpiece bears the big, raised “W.”  Back, sides and back of neck are all curly (flamed) maple and the top is wide grained spruce – so wide of grain that it makes us wonder if it might be Adirondack.   Weber will never tell.

About this model the Weber Company writes (edited and paraphrased):  The Yellowstone A carries standard features exquisite enough to make many other mandolins pale in comparison [we’ve seen it – they turn their heads away but we can tell]. Its tone bar braced, aged spruce top and Traditional Brekke Bridge provide head-turning tone, while the delicately inlaid tapered headstock and rich nitro-cellulose finish give the puppy a sleek, classic look. The standard radiused fingerboard, with its 7 tiny pearl diamonds in 6 fret positions brings playability to match the instrument. If you want F Style chop and projection from an A Style mandolin, the Yellowstone A is a perfect fit.   To this we’d like to add that the fingerboard is elevated and cantilevered in a manner that reminds one of the diving board on an Olympic® swimming pool.     The torch inlay on the black headstock overlay is enough to make the average mandolin player drool to the point of leaving a poodle on the floor.   The headplate on this mandolin is polished, glossy ebony; the heel cap is similarly polished ebony.

In case additional proof of its loveliness is required, here are the Weber specifications:   The top is hand graduated and tuned, and of course it is solid spruce; the bracing is hand-scalloped tone bar, the back, sides & neck are flamed maple, the peghead is “tapered A, tortoise shell and ivoroid bound; the peghead is inlaid in pearl script “The Weber” which is named for Bruce Weber, the last Supervisor of the former Gibson Mandolin Division at Bozeman, Montana.   Below that is a colorful and consummately crafted flower pot with flowers.  It has .808 nickel-silver frets, a dual action adjustable truss rod, tortoise shell celluloid bindings, a honey gloss finish in Nitrocellulose lacquer, a cast Weber nickel tailpiece and nickel Grover tuners.    The fingerboard is tortoise bound ebony that terminates in a single cutaway extension and it is radiused; the scale length is 14”, the nut width is 1 1/8th”.   The back of the headstock is painted black and comes down to a point behind the first fret, in a style popularized by some other company in the 1950s.    The bridge is traditional Brekke; the case is deluxe hard shell.    The sound is deluxe as well – it is full, deep, rich and radiant.   It is the sound profound, with melody and harmony unbound; the full lyrical deal, with great tonal appeal, the peal unreal.  Try it and squeal. 

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