Wildwood Banjo (new) Exotic Wood Series 5-String Open Back

Tag No 32-4377 New

#6092, with hard shell case.

All Exotic Wood Series banjos are naturally colorful- no color staining needed. The rich hues of dark chocolate browns with black grain, the purples, the auburn reddish browns all make these banjos incredibly beautiful. Neck and rim bindings are hand made from the contrasting colorful woods adding an elegant look. The fingerboard inlays are simple cut diamonds in abalone, combined with the peghead inlays of the Balladeer.  These banjos are finished with multiple coats of tung oil, hand rubbed, and polished to rich luster with wax. The Exotic Wood Series banjos have their own “flare,” [or did they mean "flair?"  One wonders]  a warm intriguing sound, and they look beautiful— this newer model is a  proud addition to Wildwood's standard line of Traditional Banjos.  

The WILDWOOD BANJO CO. was founded in 1973 in Arcata, CA but in early 2008 the company moved to Bend, Oregon where it continues its tradition of building high quality traditional open back and bluegrass banjos. Wildwood Banjos are hand-made from the finest figured hardwoods available, from beautiful curly maples and curly black walnuts, to exotic species such as Ebony, Bubinga and Wenge. They offer a well balanced range of banjos in styles for the traditional frailing and clawhammer style players, and classic powerful bluegrass banjos for 3-finger pickers. Utilizing a blend of old world craftsmanship and modern technology, the Exotic Wood Series are banjos of unequaled quality and design. Choosing an instrument is a very personal experience. When you choose a Wildwood, you have chosen an instrument that will, in no time, become an old friend. Businesses survive on their reputation - for the past 38 years, satisfied customers have been Wildwood’s best form of advertising. 

Production is limited to maintain the highest quality control while keeping a personal approach to business.  The experience of buying a Wildwood banjo should be almost as enjoyable as playing one.  Choosing an instrument of this quality is an investment in pleasure and value.


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