Stanley Jay Way!



In photo above: Eric Jay, Debi Rose, Alison Jay-Reilly  (holding her son Bodie), Christopher Reilly and Bea Jay.  
On May 20th, 2015
Councilwoman Debi Rose and Director of Constituent Services David Hernandez honored the life and memory of Stanley Jay by declaring the northeast corner of Forest Avenue and Oakland Avenue to be: 
Stanley Jay Way

We know that Stan would have been thrilled.  

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Walker (2000) Style A Special Rosewood Jumbo
Goodall (2002) Koa Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar
Martin (2013) 00-21 Custom Shop Adirondack/ Madagascar
Martin (2011) Custom Shop 00-12 Fret Nylon Adirondack/ Madagascar
RainSong P-12 Parlor Acoustic Electric Guitar
Larrivee (1998) J09-12 Jumbo 12-string Acoustic Electric
CA Guitars Cargo RAW with electronics
Fender (2006) American Series P-Bass
Mandolin Brothers Baseball Hats
Martin (1950) D-28 Acoustic Guitar
Martin (1949) D-28 Acoustic Guitar
McPherson MG 4.0XP Manhattan Skyline in Art Deco
Eastman Strings E20P Parlor Adirondack/ Rosewood
CA Guitars Cargo Raw
no electronics 

Caldwell (2005) Grand Concert Custom Acoustic
Martin (2005) OM-28 Marquis Acoustic Guitar
RainSong (2002) JM1000 
Acoustic Electric Guitar

Martin BCPA4 Acoustic Electric Bass
Gold Top Double Vision

We present to you two glorious and beautiful Gibson solid body electric guitars from the golden period of the 1950s. 

1953 Les Paul Gold Top on the left
1954 Les Paul Gold Top on the right

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Martin CE0-7

We are impressed out of minds with the new CEO-7.  It sounds fantastic, it is beautiful beyond description, and it is so affordable that the price makes one blink and unable to speak.

Today we are lucky enough to have TWO of these guitars in stock.  Don't hesitate - we don't think these will stick around for a long time!  Give us a call to have one shipped out for a three day approval period.  You won't be disappointed! 

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His and Hers Electrics?

Faded Blue Santana Signature on the left with a smoked cherry Santana II on the right. 

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Eastman Strings MD515 F-Style Mandolin
Phoenix Neoclassical Europa II Mandolin
Gibson (1930) RB-1
All Original
5- String

Stelling (1989) Bellflower 5-String Resonator Banjo
Eastman Strings MD615 F-Style Mandolin with electronics
Weber (2003) Bitterroot F-Style Mandolin
Vega Little Wonder open back 5-string banjo
Deering Eagle II 5-String Resonator Banjo
Huber Banjos VRB-75 Truetone 5-String Resonator Banjo