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Odyssey was a small company in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from 1976-1982. The guitars are designed by Atilla Balogh.

  1. Odyssey (used, 1970 s) Giant Guitar This item is NOW ON SALE!

    Odyssey (used, 1970 s) Giant Guitar Now on Sale!

    Tag No 2021030601 Used
    #000000, Attila Balogh Odyssey Giant Custom Guitar

    This hand crafted giant Odyssey guitar was built by Attila Balogh along with Ken Lindemere and Joseph Sallay as a promo device for the fledgling Odyssey Company, for display at Iron Music in Vancouver and at trade shows. The build required a total of 500 man hours over a 6 month period. Odyssey was a Vancouver, BC based company and was in business between 1977 to 1982. It is a 400 pound, solid brass instrument and measures 9' X 7' X 3'6". This is a unique, one of a kind giant guitar, which is actually playable!

    Unique, One of a Kind $49,999.00.
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