ven the finest vintage instruments have to be properly adjusted, set up and repaired to perform at their very best. We are constantly adjusting the fretted instruments that we have for sale so that they fulfill their potential, while still retaining their originality and vintage integrity.

The same skills, attention to detail, and quality that we bring to the most expensive, rare, collectible instruments we also bring to your most humble, but best-loved, guitars, basses, and mandolins. When your instrument requires repair you will want to bring it to a qualified technician that can apprise you of the options available and advise you of the best solution for its particular problem.

Below (in no particular order) are the three people we recommend for the job:  

To contact Leroy Aiello, who is renowned for period correct restorations and repairs of vintage instruments:
E-mail:   or   Phone: 347-249-5181  

Pete is skilled in all areas of guitar repair, but specializes in banjo and mandolins.